PickFu Mother’s Day poll: Your favorite dishes, cooked by Mom

There are some dishes only Mom can make. Sure, other people can cook them. You can too, and maybe you’ve tried. But somehow, your mom’s version has always been superior.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked 100 people across the U.S. to tell us the one dish their mom makes (or made) better than anyone.

The question yielded a melting pot of responses, brimming with comfort food and memories of the moms — and mother figures — in people’s lives. We sliced and diced the data to bring you these findings.

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How one tiny detail tilted this book cover poll in favor of the winner

When it comes to book cover design, it might seem like only the major details matter. But as one author discovered in this PickFu poll, the most minute details can sometimes make the biggest difference.

The author asked 50 LBGT+ respondents which of two cover designs they would choose for a book titled, Sheltered Town. Both covers feature one woman embracing another. The only difference is that in Option A, the blonde woman’s head is tilted downward. In Option B, she’s facing the camera head-on.

Can you guess which one won?

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Walmart and dropshipping: Everything you need to know

With a 79% growth in e-commerce sales last year, Walmart Marketplace — the world’s second-largest online marketplace — is closing in on No. 1 Amazon. This leaves dropshipping professionals and e-commerce suppliers wondering, “How can we get in on the action, too?” 

If you want to dropship with Walmart, you need to learn the rules. With all the policy changes and new programs, it’s hard to keep track of what’s allowed and what isn’t, never mind what some less-than-trustworthy sources tell you. 

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Juggling the elements of a good e-commerce product photo

Scrolling through e-commerce product photos is the online version of window shopping, so it’s important to make them as enticing as possible. After all, before you land a satisfied customer, you first need an interested shopper.

In this PickFu poll, the seller wanted to know which photo of a juggling set best demonstrates what’s included in the purchase or, more to the point — which one will get more clicks.

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How to write a book title that will sell

Here’s a secret many writers don’t know before they get published: your book title might change after you sign a contract with a publisher. Depending on the publisher, you may or may not have a say in the final title. So don’t get attached to the working title!

That flowery, literary title you adore might get changed if your publisher’s marketing team doesn’t think it’ll sell the book. And if you’re self-publishing, you might think you can keep whatever title you love. But remember: your title has one job — to get people to read the book.

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Which One Won? Choosing a book cover that leads to adventure

Is there a secret to creating a book cover that attracts both well-worn travelers and those who love the occasional adventure?

This Ranked poll asked 50 frequent and occasional travelers to choose the cover they found most appealing for a book about finding greater meaning in travel. The title of the book is Hidden Travel: The Secret to Extraordinary Trips.

Options A and D are scene-based covers. Options B and C feature a black background and a tunnel leading to adventure.

Can you guess which one won?

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The only mobile app testing checklist you need

Getting users to download your app is not as simple as “If you build it, they will come.” Even if they do, that’s still only half the battle. Research shows almost 25% of users abandon mobile apps after a single use. Why? Technical flaws.

Unfortunately, crashes and freezes are common. Even more unfortunately, customers ditch apps that don’t perform properly and disregard the user experience, which is why it’s crucial to test apps thoroughly. However, some businesses still skip this critical step in mobile app development.

If you want a piece of the $143 billion app pie, let this mobile app testing checklist be your guide.

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Video: How to pick product packaging that sells for a unique jigsaw puzzle

The project: the launch of Lost Walls Project jigsaw puzzles.

You know what you want to sell. You’ve decided on the artwork and validated your designs with thorough split testing. It’s time to choose the packaging.

This video, the second in a four-part series from Amazon branding expert Daniela Bolzmann, takes you behind the scenes of how the product packaging for a unique line of jigsaw puzzles came to be.

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